The Istana
  • The Istana - Bale Pano
  • The Istana - Bale sunset
  • The Istana - Pool 2
  • The Istana - Pool 3
  • The Istana - Plenty of staff to cater for your every need
  • The Istana - Living room sunset 1
  • The Istana - Dining room model
  • The Istana - Entertainment center
  • The Istana - Spa massage
  • The Istana - Kids' room 2
  • The Istana - Master looking in
  • The Istana - Master looking out
  • The Istana - Bed southwest
  • The Istana - Bath master
  • The Istana - Kids' room 6


As Bali’s most spectacular destination villa, The Istana is in demand for events of all kinds, from formal dinners for 25 to special celebrations for 150. As a romantic wedding venue, it’s in a class of its own; couples from all over the world have chosen to start married life in this stunning cliff-top setting, exchanging vows on the lawn while the ocean sparkles far below and the setting sun ushers in a night of candle-lit celebration. The Istana’s polished staff happily works with the best of Bali’s events professionals, and offers years of expertise and experience in hosting events that create memories to last a lifetime.

No packages are offered by the villa. Each event is unique and tailored to our clients' requests.

Maximum people sitting: 100
Maximum people standing: 150

an elite haven
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